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Once again, we thank everyone in Swanton who donated food supplies for the Food Bank at the Swanton Allicance Church to help the needy.

The Pack and Troop Leadership hope everyone had a great Christmas and look forward to our new year!

Our Schedule

Jan 2nd ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
Jan 6th ~ funeral services for our honored Scouter John Young
Jan 9th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
Jan 16th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
Jan 18th ~ Pack Meeting @ 7pm
Jan 19th - 21st ~ Tentative Campout
Jan 23rd ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
Jan 30th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
Feb 4th ~ Scout Sunday
Feb 6th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
Feb 13th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
Feb 15th ~ Pack Meeting @ 7om (pre Pinewood Derby Night guys!)
Feb 17th ~ Pack Pinewood Derby

Pack's Schedule (short listing)
Troop's Schedule (short listing)
updated 11/17

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Scoutmaster/Cubmaster     scoutmaster@swantonscouts.org
        Webmaster                 webmaster@swantonscouts.org