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Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in Swanton, OH
Gratefully sponsored since 1926 by the

at 200 South Hallett Avenue, Swanton

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Our Schedule

January 10th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
January 14th & 15th ~ Camp Alaska
    Camp Alaska Information
January 17th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
January 19th ~ Pack Meeting @ 7pm
January 24th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
January 31st ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
February 2nd ~ Pack Committee Meeting @ 7pm at the Legion Hall
February 7th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
February 14th ~ Troop Meeting @ 7pm
February 16th ~ Pack Meeting @ 7pm AND pre-Pinewood Derby car checks!
February 18th ~ Pack Pinewood Derby at the EPIC Center (schedule to follow soon)

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University of Scouting 2016 Troop Planning References BS309

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